bel air academy jersey

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air introduced the iconic Will Smith to the world.

Will Smith arrived in Bel-Air and his presence was immediately felt. Will instantly impacted by having the street cred of Philadelphia, a crushing charisma, a great musical taste and a unique fashion style.

Of course, his presence was also felt at the Bel-Air Academy Jersey, where he attended with his cousin Carlton Banks. His strong personality got him into hundreds of problems with the snobby and rigid high-class institution.

However, his relationship with his high school changed completely when Will Smith was accidentally discovered and recruited by Coach Smiley, who was in a desperate search for a star on his basketball team.

And boy oh boy, Will Smith was the talent he was looking for. His baller’s skills instantly earned him hundreds of fans—including Bel-Air basketball legend uncle Phil!—at the world’s smallest court of The Bel-Air Academy.

Now, and as seen in the iconic TV episode “Courting Disaster” aired in 1990, the famous and iconic Will Smith Jersey # 14 can be yours!

Relive the best plays of Will Smith while MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This blasts on the background. Revive the sick handles, the denials, the disrespect and the self-alley oops. Daydream with a 1V1 against Hall of Famer, Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas, in which, of course, you will pick an easy win. And above all, don’t be afraid to hog that ball all you want! you’re the best on the team, by a mile.

will smith bel air academy jersey

Show your respect for greatness, put on your yellow Will Smith Jersey and remember the infallible tactic to success, created by the great Coach Smiley: Just pass it to Will!