He got game of ’98, a worthy throwback. One of the early brilliant movies of Denzel Washington. Imagine the skills his son Jesus must have been infused with to make the governor want him so bad to play as a student in his alma mater! He has got game! Pamper yourself with a Jesus Shuttle worth jersey today and relive the glorious past of the top national basketball prospect and get the unique lit look.

Features of the jersey

  • It comes in different colors; vibrant blue, red and white with white stitched letters and numbers
  • Tough to break the stitching
  • 100% high-quality polyester fabric to keep you dry and comfortable throughout your long hours of play
  • And a bonus wristband bracelet of different colors from blue, red and white to match the jersey you order for.

Get your jersey today and buy one too for those friends you truly love!

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Jesus Shuttlesworth 34 Lincoln He Got Game Jersey