The best Sports Jerseys are online and this is how you size them

Sports jerseys are ultimately, the most American fashion item.  Sport – baseball, basketball jerseys, football, wrestling and ice-hockey – are a huge part of who we are and our culture. Sports jerseys, apart from being stylish and fashionable, also tell a story.  We love our sporting heroes, we support our sportsmen and women and we love telling a story via our clothing.

American sports jerseys are not just worn by the fans.  Celebrities wear them, movie stars wear them and some of our favorite television sitcom characters wear them.  Remember the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Friends? And then Ace Ventura, Teen Wolf and Boyz n The Hood?

Sports jerseys are fab!

The best way to buy sports jerseys is online.  It’s where you will find the biggest selection. Take your time browsing – you will find sports jerseys with your favorite team or player, and sports jerseys with teams that you admire on them.  Sports jerseys are not always about sport though!  The style is, but the design could be about a movie star, television character, television show, celebrity or cartoon character.

Once you’ve found the sports jersey you love, you need to find your size.  Online, you are going to find a variety of sizes and budgets. Most people already know their size as shopping on the internet is a big thing – S / M / L / XL / XXL – but if you are unsure of your size, here is a quick guideline on how to take your measurements.  You can use a tape measure if you have one, and a piece of string if you don’t/

Measure your chest

Stand straight with your arms hanging down your sides.  Identity that part of your chest that is widest, or fullest, and take your measurements, going around and over your shoulder blades, right there.

Identify the width of your shoulders

You do this at the back, so you may need someone to help you.  Take the tape measure from the top of your one shoulder, around the back of your neck, all the way to your next shoulder, and pull tight.

Length of your back

Again, you may want a friend to help out! Measure the length of your back by starting at the base of your neck, going down your spine, and going all the way down to where you feel the shirt should stop.

These measurements combined, and you can compare to the charts right here, will show you what size you are.  The beauty of buying online, just in case you get the size or style wrong, is that you can return or exchange the goods.  If you are really unsure, make your way to a store, try on a few sports jerseys, identify the correct size, and then order online. Remember, there is also a difference between a basketball and a baseball jersey – the styles differ, so your size may differ too.

** Take a look at these size charts to get an idea of your correct size.

There is a fantastically wide range online and you can’t go wrong.  As Americans, we all need a few sports jerseys in our wardrobes!

This AFLGO Basketball Jersey Size Chart will show you exactly what size you are.

This AFLGO Baseball Jersey Size Chart will show you exactly what size you are.

This AFLGO Double Side Jersey Size Chart will show you exactly what size you are.

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