AFLGO Lola Bunny Space Jam Jersey Basketball Jersey Include Set GLOW IN THE DARK Wristbands S-XXL White

About Lola 10 Space Jam Jersey

Lola 10 Space Jam Jersey

Who is your favorite character from Space Jam? Is it Lola? If so, you have to get this Space Jam Jersey!

Space Jam was a very popular movie that was released in 1996. It starred Michael Jordan as the star basketball player with the Looney Tunes characters as his fellow team mates.

Lola Bunny was on the basketball team, and is a beautiful character. Not only does she look good, she plays good too. She’s every female basketball’s heroine.

Lola Bunny became Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend in this movie. She was portrayed as the animated sex symbol.

She was such a hit that she went on to playing many more roles in The Looney Tunes Show. The character’s voice was Kath Soucie.

Lola Bunny really made the movie applicable to males and females. While the movie was primarily based on sports, which doesn’t appeal to many females, Lola brought in what females love to see – a woman who is strong, powerful, and able to accomplish anything a man can do and sometimes, better.

This is a movie that everyone loved to watch in 1996 and have continued to watch to the present day. There’s a rumor that a sequel will be coming out in 2021 with LeBron James in it – there’s no confirmation if Lola will be a part of it.


About the Lola Jersey

Lola is the best character, and her jersey is just absolutely beautiful. You will love the way it looks on you – trust us.

Just picture it – wearing this jersey while watching your favorite movie of all time – Space Jam! There’s nothing better for sure.

are you a true space jam fan?

If you’re interested in buying this jersey (why wouldn’t you be if you’re a true Space Jam fan?), go ahead and click the add to cart button. You can then check out quickly and easily.

You should know that there is free shipping on this jersey! Yes, for just under $30, you get a high quality Space Jam (LOLA) jersey AND a set of wristband bracelet. You won’t find this Lola Space Jam paraphernalia anywhere else. Get it now before it is gone.




Free Gift Bonus

When you purchase this Lola 10 Space Jam Jersey, you will also receive a set of wristband bracelets. They match the jersey perfectly, and you’ll love the look they have with the jersey.

You will also receive a high quality shirt. We only use the best polyester for this jersey, and that means it will last for years and still look new. Just like how your love for this movie will never end.

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