Looney Tunes classic movie Space Jam

Anyone who grew up in the 90s is bound to be familiar with the Looney Tunes classic movie “Space Jam”. Directed by Joe Pytka, the Michael Jordan part animated movie, was the number one in the box office at that time, grossing $230 million world wide. This secured it as the highest grossing basketball movie of all time.

The plot, of course, is about Bugs Bunny and the looney tunes gang getting in big trouble with a group of aliens trying to recruit the toons to be entertainment at their failing intergalactic amusement park ‘Moron Mountain’. The Looney gang can think of nothing worse, and to avoid getting captured and held hostage there, they agree to settle the score by way of an all-star basketball match. The aliens transform into the Monstars, stealing basketball skills from pro NBA players such as Shawn Bradley, Patrick Ewing and Larry Johnson. So, what do our Looney friends do? They recruit Michael Jordan of course!

With the excitement of ‘Space Jam 2’ coming in July 2021 starring LeBron James as the front and centre basketball superstar, Space Jam memorabilia and merchandise is more popular than ever. 90s kids everywhere are scrambling to find the coolest replica shirts from the movie and we have just the stock they need!

White with red and blue trim and the catchy ‘Tune Squad’ logo on the front, these shirts won’t be mistaken for anything else. They are of the highest quality, made from the best basketball jersey material on the market, with top quality stitching and printing to make these fun and quirky shirts comfortable and long-lasting. Knowing they are 100% polyester, is to know that they won’t wrinkle, tear easily, or fade, but will remain just as bright and vibrant as it is when you first purchase it.

Murray 22 Space Jam

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