AFLGO 33 Flint Tropics Jackie Moon Semi Pro Basketball Jersey Include Set Wristbands S-XXL Green

About Flint Tropics Jersey Jackie Moon

Who wants this jersey!? It’s amazing, isn’t it?

This jersey was made after Jackie Moon’s basketball team – Flint Tropics. This is a replica of the jerseys they wore in the movie Semi-Pro. The movie debuted in 2008, and it’s a hilarious comedy film and includes America’s funniest people, such as Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, Andre Benjamin, and Maura Tierney.

In the movie, Jackie Moon is a singer who strikes it big with one song. He takes the profits from his hit song to buy a basketball team – Flint Tropics. He decides to take complete ownership of the team – owner, header coach, and even the power forward. It wasn’t too long later that the American Basketball Association and National Basketball Association merge. The problem? Flint Tropics isn’t exactly the best basketball team and there’s a chance they won’t make the cut. This means all of Jackie Moon’s money and dreams will be shattered forever.

If you haven’t watched this movie, you really should because it’s a great one. If you’ve watched it and loved it, go ahead and get a jersey. Show your support from the Flint Tropics!

About the Flint Tropics Jersey

Now you can have your very own Jackie Moon Flint Tropics Jersey. Walk around looking all cool because you get to sport one of the coolest shirts. There’s nothing better than that.

All of our jerseys are made of premium quality material – 100% polyester. This means you never have to iron it or worry that it looks a mess because it’s wrinkly. You can simply throw it over your head, and know that it looks great.

The material is perfect for the summer months too because it stays dry through those sweaty basketball games. You will love how comfortable and great it feels all day long.

The quality of the lettering and numbering can’t be beat either. We ensure that all of the stitching is strong and durable because shipping because our customers’ satisfaction is important to us.

Our customers’ satisfaction is so important to us that we give everyone three wristband bracelets in the colors that complement their jersey.

The Flint Tropics Jersey Jackie Moon comes in green and white, so you will receive coordinating bracelets.

Size options make it possible for everyone to wear this jersey. We have sizes from small to 3XL. How wash your jersey properly Get one for yourself and then ones for your family and friends. They will absolutely love this gift.

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